Pandemic and gdpr exploring the way forward

Lets dive deep into the top-of-the-mind issues and way forward.

The Pandemic Boost To Digital

Pandemic has been an eye-opener for those who were still following the old ways. Those who went digital and identified way to up the game by going digital survived. Those who waited for pandemic to end, had end to their business.

Now as we have adapted to new normal, it is high time to optimise digital presence by digital marketing packages offered. If you have issues on the website, ensure that you address it before your webpage bounce rate affects your business badly. Make your social media presence count, by engaging with your customers real-time, so the human touch is virtually addressed. Coming under the knife of GDPR

Many businesses failed to generate results as in early 2019, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came as a bomb for those collecting customer data for lead generation and sales. Now you can not collect just in case data and web users have the right to get their data removed in case they feel uncomfortable.

Today the challenge is not only that every platform is strict with data collection, but also that customer are well-aware of their rights and the personal space has magnified.

Make sure that you give a clear picture on privacy policy, cookies and data sharing on your website. Today, the need to incentivize customers has multiplied, so when asking for consent, make sure that you have well-explained crisp and clear benefits.

The out-of-the-box solution that can indirectly contribute in building trust with your client is being available when they need you.

There will be over 287 million users of mobile internet by 2023 (Statistica)

If your website and social media is not optimised considering mobile phone users, it is high-time that you do it now, as you are missing a great chunk of your visitors because of this